Michael Owen has said that if he is not able to find a Premier League club in the near future, he might think about retirement. Owen’s contract with Manchester United finished at the end of the last season. Manchester United didn’t extend his contract. So, Owen is without a contract at the moment. He has been searching a new club since the last two months.

Owen has made it clear that he is looking for a Premier League Club and he would not accept the offer of Championship clubs. But, the Premier League clubs are not showing much interest in Owen. As per Owen, he hasn’t had any disrespect in his heart for the Championship teams, but, he doesn’t want to play at the lower level. He said that he still has the ability to perform at the top level. He is 32 years of age at the moment and he can still contribute for the top teams.

Owen played for Manchester United for three years. His first match for Manchester United was against a Malaysian eleven. That was a pre season friendly match. He scored a goal in his very first match for Manchester United. In the 2009-10 season, he scored a hat-trick in a Champions League match against Wolfsburg. He performed pretty well in his first two seasons for Manchester United. But, in the last season, he had to miss a lot of matches due to a serious thigh injury. However, he returned back in the team and played some matches in the later part of the season.

Meanwhile, some experts have criticized Owen for saying that he doesn’t want to play for the Championship clubs. According to the experts, some great players are playing for the Championship clubs and Owen shouldn’t have given such type of statement.