Michael Owen Inaugurates Sports Facility

Michael Owen recently inaugurated a sports facility at Abbey Gate College. It would help increase sports opportunities for the students.

Owen along with the head teacher, Tracy Pollard and Maria Heywood the governor of the college, inaugurated the venue. Owen is a notable figure, having been a footballer for England as well as a former Premier League player. He is currently a pundit with BT Sports.

The new building was unveiled by him as the celebrity being present to honor the occasion. The building is associated with Chester and Saighton College and would have showering facilities and changing areas along with multi-purpose activity spaces as well as a cardiovascular gymnasium.

Tracey Pollard stated that the opening of the sports pavilion along with teaching facilities is an important landmark in the progress of the college. With better facilities for sports and related activities for the pupils, it is expected that a culture of being healthy and active would be promoted among all age groups of students.

Michael Owen has been in the news for other reasons as well. For instance, when the semi finals were up with matches between Portugal and Wales and France and Germany, he was asked his opinion as to how the match would go and that definitely influenced the sports betting circles. Being the brand ambassador for the tournament, Owen was one of the major voices of the games. He held onto the belief that Germany would win the cup as they did last time in the World Cup they won about two years back. He stated that he was impressed with the Portuguese but the way the team started off initially led to much belief being waived, due to their inconsistent performance. Indeed, his comments influenced much of the betting that happened around the league games.