Owen partners up with Mark Wright in a new sports venture

Michael Owen hung up his boots and retired from playing football at a competitive level back on May of 2013 and the Englishman later went on to become a pundit.

Not many people consider Owen to be a serious pundit as he is consistently being critiqued for some of his analysis, comments and predictions, nonetheless it hasn’t stopped him from doing his work as the Englishman is always voicing his thoughts in relation to upcoming matches any ongoing event that is taking place.

When players decide to retire, becoming a manager or a pundit is something not very surprising as more and more retirees are doing it.

The 36 year old Englishman has recently started a new sports venture as he partnered up with Mark Wright in business which is aimed to help out the development of Football Academies in China.

The former Liverpool player, Michael Owen said: To improve the future of the National Team you have to start at grassroots level. Our program will provide children in China with the opportunity of learning about football and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and improved fitness. This is a strategic plan that will provide an ongoing stream of talented youngsters from which the clubs and the China national team will undoubtedly benefit.”

China has never won the World Cup title but they do have intentions of creating a ‘’World Football Superpower’’ that is able to compete against the top national football teams and have a realistic chance to win a World Cup by the year 2050.

Owen is hoping that this new business venture will help out China in the long run and become a football titan in a few years’ times.