Even the diehard Manchester United fans would not have been backing them to retain their Premier League title at this point of time, but, there is one man who still believes that the Red Devils are in the title race. That man is none other than Michael Owen who himself was a part of Manchester United a couple of years ago.

Manchester United has so far played 20 matches in the ongoing Barclays Premier League out of which they have won 10, have lost 6 and have shared points on 4 occasions. Their points tally reads only 34 at the moment.

Arsenal FC which is at the top of the League points table has got 11 points more than the Red Devils.
Owen was in the studio of a television channel the other day to analyse the FA Cup matches. When he was asked if he thinks that Manchester United has any chance of winning the Premier League title this season, he said, “Yes, I think so. They are still in the contention.”

“Before the start of the season if you had asked me which two teams are the top favourites to achieve glory, I would have said Chelsea and Manchester United. And, my thinking is still the same.”

When asked which of his goals is the most memorable for him, the 34 years old former England international said, “The second goal that I had scored playing for Liverpool in the FA Cup final against Arsenal in 2001 is my favourite because that had helped us win the title.”

Liverpool had got better of the Gunners by a close margin of 2-1 in that final match and it was Owen who had found the net for them on both the occasions.