It’s been almost 9 months since Michael Owen made his retirement from playing professional football as he received a standing ovation when playing with Stoke City and even though is not out on the playing grounds, the former English player is still active on the media and the world of football around of him.

At the beginning of the Premier League season Owen stated that Arsenal would finish the current campaign at the 5th spot but after seeing the successful season Arsene Wenger’s side is going through, they are one of the top candidates on claiming the title.

Michael Owen’s prediction might not be top notch but he also took his time to speak about the deadline day of the transfer window as he stated that it is usually filled with madness and exhilaration which are some of the reasons why he enjoys it.

Personally, I love it and I am as absorbed as anyone by the hype. If it is ‘manufactured’ for a TV audience it is entirely by accident and due to the clubs themselves who, for their own reasons, decide to wait until the last minute of the last day to pursue their targets. If the clubs conducted their business in a less frenzied way we could all congratulate them on their organisation but it would not be so much fun.

‘’I speak from experience. I enjoyed the full glamour of deadline day when I signed for Stoke in September 2012. It was approaching 4pm, the window about to close, and I was sitting in my car at a service station on the M6, waiting for the call to head to the training ground to complete the formalities of a free transfer’’.

‘’Technically, I could have joined a club at any time because I was not under contract but the squad submissions needed to be sent to the Premier League so I was caught up in the mania’’. Owen stated.